October Sky

He defiantly had a burning desire to build  rockets. after he had seen the Russian satiate ” Sputnik”.

He did not stop trying until the Rocket launch was a success, many failed experiments later but his burning desire never waved. Homer and his team were ridiculed throughout the town but they ignored the teasing.

Hickam spent many hours studying the failures to understand how he could be successful. Optimism was Hickam’s mental Rocket it built him and his team a sensation of never-failing as long as he moved forward.

He shielded the others from discouraging  the thought of failure and urged them to continue. He persistance in his attempts and efforts to gain success forced him to suffer through many embarrassing and disappointing obstacles throughout his journey.

Hickam fought for what he desired refusing to be brought down by others, he stood up for what he loved and took chances. He craved something better and molded his own future, not something predestined for him.

His teacher and many people support him through out the process to be successful.

A Rocket wont fly unless somebody lights the fuse.

4 thoughts on “October Sky

  1. The third of the four tiny habits for success is “a mind closed tightly against all negative and discouraging influences…” Thank you for such a wonderful illustration!


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