Master Key week 12

I have been very active in the Oceania tribe this week and commit to getting my DMP done. I enjoy sharing to all the members it’s a good group. I did the 50 mins looking into the mirror what an experience that was for the first 8 mins it was like in slow motion i had to look at the card to make sure I was saying the sentences correctly. Then momentum hit and I started to have fun with it laughing a lot, changing my tone moving up and down, pointing in the mirror, looking deep into my eyes. I went into some what of a trance and before you knew it 50 mins done and dusted.

Master Key Week 11

I have lacked some endurance this week and in truth its been some what of a grind. I am fighting my old habits once again. But on the upside I have completed my tasks of DMP x 3 daily GS x 3. Bus driving is my job and that’s were I see the most difference. I have a genuine interest in people getting on and off my bus daily, driving up to 40 hours a week and  taking an interest in them going eye contact saying hello caring for them. Waiting for the older ones to take a seat before moving off  it’s a juggle but i love the interaction.My body is giving me a hard time as well physically  many muscle  knots and general lack of sleep.

Week 10 of the master key

I have had a great week fulfilling all of my GSx3, DMP x 3, BP x 1, master key daily, sit for 15 mins before bed.

“I promise to be of service”

Achieving all service goals I really went for it I used up a full cards worth YYYeeessssss

I decided not to do a PET/CT scan researched it the radioactivity is the equivalents of 8 years worth in the PET/CT machine 40 mins. I will contact my neurologist next week to discuss alternate options for me.


Week 9 Master key Experience

Much better week for me my DMP is really coming to fulfillment. I read it daily x 3 it makes me cry every time I get very emotional and have to stop 2 or 3 times during the reading. I am much more tolerant dealing with the public and I am genuinely grateful to see all the people get on and off my bus for more that 7 hours a day 6 days a week. I see the light in their eyes and I control myself to think positively about all.

It amazing to think how far I have come personally anything is possible its work and I see the results coming true.

Week 8 Master key Experience

My week 8 experience  has been a grind.

I am fighting through some personal challengers. My neurologist did some extensive tests and discovered that my speech is going down hill possible early on set of dementia. Hit my like a tone of bricks I was very emotional and I took me a week or so to process that.

On the positive side I have changed my diet to more nuts, fruits, veggies and much less red meat. I am committed to training 3 days a week and contemplating taking up the saxophone.


Week 7 master key

I have had many restarts to the Seven Day Mental Diet and persistence is the key.

What I am becoming aware of is watching my mind I am the observer practice makes perfect. Going from blowing up multiple times a day to reducing to 1 or 2  times a day its unbelievable but its work and hard work at that.

Reading my DMP out loud 3 times a day it goes to my very soul I can’t stop crying very emotional for me.

Life is precious, it become far more significant as I have received bad news very recently in regard to the functioning of my brain more tests to come fingers crossed.

6 weeks of the master key experience

I see more and more red circles it always catches my eye, the trees I look for and I notice many green triangles. My many passengers, I greet them with a heart-felt hello I am really feeling the changes and its coming very quickly. I had a dream last night that many people joined me for my ACN company it’s happening NOW. !!!!!!!