Master Key Experience week 20

My week has been not so great so far I have not been consistent with my readings and meditations.

It seems like I lack the work it takes to give my full effort maybe due to poor sleeping and my body is barking at me as well muscle knots from driving so much.
My word of the week is Decisiveness and I have been anything but decisive It’s very much like taking 2 steps forward and 3 steps backwards, feeling’s of frustrations are filling my mind on a constant basis. I am learning not to pay so much attention to the chatter that’s going on in my mind, so that’s a good thing to come out of all this.
I have to get through the week and start over again I am learning to be a compassionate person and to give myself a break not beings so had on myself.
Reset and go again.

Master Key week 19


Courage is the word of this week to concentrate on and its such a coincidence that FEAR is the most powerful force in the readings of the week.
I have had a break through this week calling up the people for my business. I have achieved the most points in 25 days that I have ever had in 5 years of doing this business.
I have over come my fear to make the calls to further my business nothing has ever happened to me before like this.
I can see the light and it’s remarkable the changes that have happened in such a relatively short space of time.
After many years being stuck in the mud I am enjoying life day by day hour by hour minute by minute.


“What would the person I intend to become do next?”  YES

Masterkey Week 18

My week had been on “Enthusiasm.”

I am finding my feet at last ignoring my old blueprint of procrastination pushing through making the calls, signing up the customers it’s gathering momentum daily.

I broke my record for my MLM company, 2 small businesses with electricity  saved them $7,500.00 annually.

I am truly making a difference in people’s lives and loving it. Being persistent looking for the qualities in people.
Last week I helped out 30 people who was on their way to the city when there bus broke down 20 mins had gone by and nobody pulled over for assistance.

I pulled over and they were so appreciative to finally be on there way to work. I got more out of it than the people who I picked up something changed inside of me. I am a work in progress I am precious, My brain is healthy, I am loving, I am ENTHUSIASTIC

Masterkey Week 17

My focus for the week is “Taking Initiative” I observed others doing their daily being of service for a lot of things. Whats more important for me is I am experiencing a heightened awareness for being an OBSERVER !.

Its like I have awoken from a deep fog or something, positive habits are hard to see sometimes when we go about our daily doing’s we get into our habits and tendency’s and it’s like playing a record that been scratched multiple times how long have I been in this FOG years I think.
A good example of this is I had on my being of service card this week to purchase a “Whipper Snipper” for trimming.
Opened the box the instructions were really not very conclusive and in concise my old blue print who’d be get angry and give up. But this is the new blue print I tried for more than 1 hour and finally worked it out YYYEEEEEE.

Masterkey Experience Week 16

Again you have created another awareness in “Kindness” it is true what we focus on manifests. My experience this week started slow I was having a hard time going over my day to see what kindness I was having, but as the week progressed I was becoming more active it looking for the opportunity of Kindness. Now I am seeing more clearly all the things we do out of love, passion and just doing the good things. Very cleansing, OH how I love this course.

Masterkey week 14

Started this week very strong doing all the readings it’s truly amazing this process its like going through a washing machine round and round and come out clean on the other side.
Reading Scroll IV it makes me cry all the time especially reading “ I am nature’s greatest miracle.”

On the positive I was able to listen to the live webinar Monday Morning it’s so powerful.

I went into a spontaneous shaking that has not happened to me since I was living at the meditation centre in New York, lived there from 1993 to 2005 truly amazing the level of shakti- energy coming through.
Its been a challenge with my working schedule last starting at 2 pm and finishing between 11pm- Midnight and  I managed to do 95% of the readings and a couple of Polo.s too.

October Sky

He defiantly had a burning desire to build  rockets. after he had seen the Russian satiate ” Sputnik”.

He did not stop trying until the Rocket launch was a success, many failed experiments later but his burning desire never waved. Homer and his team were ridiculed throughout the town but they ignored the teasing.

Hickam spent many hours studying the failures to understand how he could be successful. Optimism was Hickam’s mental Rocket it built him and his team a sensation of never-failing as long as he moved forward.

He shielded the others from discouraging  the thought of failure and urged them to continue. He persistance in his attempts and efforts to gain success forced him to suffer through many embarrassing and disappointing obstacles throughout his journey.

Hickam fought for what he desired refusing to be brought down by others, he stood up for what he loved and took chances. He craved something better and molded his own future, not something predestined for him.

His teacher and many people support him through out the process to be successful.

A Rocket wont fly unless somebody lights the fuse.

Master Key week 12

I have been very active in the Oceania tribe this week and commit to getting my DMP done. I enjoy sharing to all the members it’s a good group. I did the 50 mins looking into the mirror what an experience that was for the first 8 mins it was like in slow motion i had to look at the card to make sure I was saying the sentences correctly. Then momentum hit and I started to have fun with it laughing a lot, changing my tone moving up and down, pointing in the mirror, looking deep into my eyes. I went into some what of a trance and before you knew it 50 mins done and dusted.

Master Key Week 11

I have lacked some endurance this week and in truth its been some what of a grind. I am fighting my old habits once again. But on the upside I have completed my tasks of DMP x 3 daily GS x 3. Bus driving is my job and that’s were I see the most difference. I have a genuine interest in people getting on and off my bus daily, driving up to 40 hours a week and  taking an interest in them going eye contact saying hello caring for them. Waiting for the older ones to take a seat before moving off  it’s a juggle but i love the interaction.My body is giving me a hard time as well physically  many muscle  knots and general lack of sleep.

Week 10 of the master key

I have had a great week fulfilling all of my GSx3, DMP x 3, BP x 1, master key daily, sit for 15 mins before bed.

“I promise to be of service”

Achieving all service goals I really went for it I used up a full cards worth YYYeeessssss

I decided not to do a PET/CT scan researched it the radioactivity is the equivalents of 8 years worth in the PET/CT machine 40 mins. I will contact my neurologist next week to discuss alternate options for me.